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Robbie Kay
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my first attempt at iphone wallpapers! let me know what you think and like/reblog if you use! [x]

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"Now, you must wear the cone of shame."

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The prince became…




What is Ragnarök? It is, quite literally, the song of ice and fire. But what is a song? Is a song a battle? Do notes fight one another for dominance, with no care or concern for the overall sound? No. That is discord. A song is harmony — notes working together in unison. And that is Ragnarök — the forces of ice & fire uniting as one to attack the world of gods and men.

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S4 CHARACTERS⇉ Carl Grimes

↳ “He told me the other day that he was proud of me. That I was a good man. I’m not. [..] I know more now, about what he wanted from me and I tried but.. I still have these thoughts. I’m not what he thinks I am. I’m just another monster too.”

TWD meme: one season
↳season one